Don’t you hate it when you’re right in the middle of writing a proposal for that huge new client you’re determined to land and your computer just… stops. Freezes up. Nothing is moving. The little spin-y thing just keeps spinning and you’re helpless to do anything other than wait. And wait. And wait. To the point it’s obvious that nothing is going to come of this but you know that if you do anything you’re going to lose that last hours’ worth of work. Screaming and cursing ensues. These are the moments that you just wish you had someone you could call to fix it.

Our eyeMANAGE Support agreement gives you that someone to call when things go awry. eyeMANAGE Support is designed specifically for companies that want to minimize problems and improve employee productivity by keeping their computers maintained.

For a low monthly fee, our eyeMANGE Support includes installing a small software program on each computer which not only gives us the ability to provide you with remote support, but will also allow us to do regular maintenance on your computers. This program is designed to keep your computers secure AND operating more efficiently. Regular maintenance includes Microsoft updates, application updates, security scans, system maintenance routines and we monitor your computers and will automatically be alerted if critical errors are discovered. The name of the game here is preventative maintenance which will minimize the number of support calls and system down time.

With eyeMANAGE Support your monthly fee covers the software and maintenance, any additional support that is required is billable.