Our Most Commonly Selected Services


eyeREMOTE Support

eyeREMOTE Support is ideal for companies that want to have someone they can call when things stop working. Commonly referred to as "break/fix" support, the only time we do work on your computers is when you call us. Our eyeREMOTE support program goes beyond normal "break/fix" support programs in that for a VERY small monthly fee, we install software on each of the computers that enables us to provide remote support when you do need assistance. This saves you money AND improves our ability to respond because we don't have to dispatch a tech to your office - we can usually fix the machine remotely!


eyeMANAGE Support

eyeMANAGE Support is designed specifically for companies that want to minimize problems and improve employee productivity by keeping their computers maintained. For a low monthly fee, our eyeMANGE Support program not only gives us the ability to provide you with remote support, but we also do regular maintenance on your computers which are designed to keep your computers secure AND operating more efficiently. Regular maintenance includes Microsoft updates, application updates, security scans, system maintenance routines and we monitor your computers and will automatically be alerted if critical errors are discovered. The name of the game here is preventative maintenance which will minimize the number of support calls and system down time.

With eyeMANAGE Support your monthly fee covers the software and maintenance, any additional support that is required is billable. We do offer the ability to add "unlimited remote support" to the eyeMANAGE program which covers any support we have to do on covered machines as long as we don't have to come to your office.



eyeMANAGE Everything includes, well, EVERYTHING regarding IT support! Our remote support software and maintenance routine includes unlimited remote support AND unlimited onsite support. It includes regular technology planning meetings and we even work with you to create a technology plan designed to meet your specific situation and needs. If you want, we can even include all of your hardware (laptops, desktops and servers) and software in our eyeMANAGE Everything Support program.

This program is perfect for business owners and managers who see technology as a critical part of their business operation and want to have the known costs associated with support and planning (and if you want, even hardware).

Shoes are never one size fits all and your IT support and services shouldn't be either. Check out this brochure for a more in-depth look at our service offerings so you can start to evaluate what works best for you. We will never force/encourage/manipulate you into buying services that you don't need, want or see as being valuable. We'd love to talk through the options, discuss the pros/cons for each level of support and ultimately help you select the support level that is right for your company/organization!